About Us

The Greek word Philokalia means “spiritual love”. It means the attainment of happiness through goodness, purity, and inner beauty. Humankind has always dedicated itself to the pursuit of happiness. The means to this are the time-tested virtues of goodness, purity, and love. The aim of the Philokalia Foundation is the cultivation of the values of goodness, purity, and love in the individual, and from the individual to the family and from there to society as a whole.

  • To inculcate the values of goodness, purity and love through knowledge. With this end in view, it conducts awareness-raising programmes at the school, college, university and corporate levels
  • Counselling and seminars are conducted as part of this awareness-raising
  • Special counselling and prayer sessions for people facing the threat of familial disintegration
  • Financial aid for students who face problems in funding their education
  • The foundation helps construct houses for people without homes
  • Treatment and counselling facilities for alcoholics.
  • Philokalia Retreat

    “Philokalia” A spiritual retreat and a journey to the depth of the spiritual essence of Holy Scriptures. It explores the spiritual secrets of religious texts and their practical approach to spirituality and religious practices. The retreat is made very simple and easy to understand for all age groups. Adoration, Praise, and Worship are the other key focus areas of the retreat. It also helps in focusing, concentrating, and rejuvenating the spiritual experience. The retreat also focuses on spiritual Healing services under the guidance of church authorities. Special sessions for spiritual counseling to overcome fear, anxiety, tension, stress, family problems, and broken relationships are also part of the retreat. It also teaches life skills to achieve success, happiness, health, money, and good relationship.

    Mario Joseph, Founder Philokalia Foundation

    He is a well-known preacher and evangelist, he is also a spiritual guide, mentor, author, relationship coach. He has also authored four books in four languages including English, Spanish, Tamil, and Malayalam. He travels regularly throughout India, Europe, South America, and North America Sharing the philosophy of sincere devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ for attaining Eternal Life and Bliss through Goodness holiness and Love. For the past 25 years, he has guided millions of people all over the world with the values of Christianity and the importance of life by sharing his testimony and motivational talks. He also conducts various sessions and seminars on holiness and spirituality for the upliftment of the soul.

    Gigi Mario, Co-Founder, Inspirational Speaker, Relationship Coach, and Author

    She is an optimistic person, an inspirational speaker, relationship coach, and author. She also conducts various motivational programs in Life-Changing tracks that inspire, motivates many people. She is also a mentor who can help and guide you to the success in your life that you deserve.